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The Lore of the THRONG
Going Station to Station
Out on Amazon: Paperback $15, Kindle $10

Inspired by the Station To Station Nomadic Journey.
Cover by Tom Coletti

When their bus breaks down, multifur classic rock band THRONG is stranded in Boston -- or until one of their back-stage members calls up an old friend... one who has a train, a plan for a nomadic festival, and a need of a band. But will a secret of another back-stage member derail the tour? Join musicians Yukon, Hayden, Norse with back-stage members Killer, Lights, Stereo, Hauler, and Mussi as they join trainmasters Rails and Blacklight with reporter Mint on an railroading adventure!

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Set after "Going Station to Station," the band's memebers go on each of their own adventures. A collection of short stories prompted by Ellie Di Julio's' "No Novel November". These are FREE!